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Postado em 22 de April

Tutorial on “Horror AU” type of gifset as seen here and here. First of all, I was kind of uncertain making a tutorial on this at all, because I modelled my set after winterheir’s. I’m kind of proud cause i managed to make mine all by myself without asking anybody for help. But I’ll do a general overview on how to make this type of gifset anyway to set you going.

Firstly, you have to find good scenes for your show/movie that you’re giffing that really embody a “horror movie” type feel. For example, for Doctor Who like in my set, I chose a lot of the creepy episodes such as “Hide” “The God Complex” “Night Terrors” etc etc. Also, if you make a set based off this tutorial, try to be original, and don’t use the scenes I used in my set or in winterheir’s.

It’d be cool if you liked/reblogged this tutorial to let me know you read it:)

*Also, for the fifth gif in the set:

I was lucky cause that scene is basically exactly like that in “Day of the Moon” where the agent has flashy memories and stuff, I didn’t edit that one specifically.

So once you have all the caps, gif them and color as you normally would, and then I added a black and white gradient since it makes it much spookier. then I flattened all frames to layers.

Now for the red and cyan effect. I figured out how to make it by thinking about those “3d effect” edits that used to be popular, like this:

My gifs basically followed THIS tutorial, where I chose one frame in the middle of the gif to flash. So if you pause the gif, there are two frames in the middle of all the motion:

So I duplicated the layer of a frame in the middle, and then I selected blending options, and unchecked the green and blue options like in the 3d tutorial:

Then I moved the duplicated layer a little to the up and right. so then it goes from:



Then the next frame is a little more complicated cause I want it to look more distorted. So I duplicated the layers 2 times, and then unchecked the green and blue boxes oh each layer AND the original layer. Looking closely, this is what the finished frame looks like:


So what I did was I selected the top half of the frame with the marquee tool and deleted it on one layer, then i inverted the selection and selected the other layer then deleted the bottom half. make sense? Sorry if it doesn’t, I may explain it in the next step. Then I moved the bottom half to the right, and the top half to the left. so this is what it looks like without the bottom layer:


and then when it’s on top of the original layer, which is also unchecked with the g&b boxes, so then it ends up looking like this:


That’s the general premise of each gif I made. the simplest gifs were where I simply moved abound the red and blue layers, while others where a little more complex because I incorporated a mixing of scenes:


for that one i played around with the frame order so it looked kind of jumpy and i put the frame of one end sequence on top of the first frame of another and set it to “screen”. 

yup so that’s the basics of how i made the set. hope it helped! you can still ask me if you have any more questions but i can’t guarantee i’ll be able to help.

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